Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Adieu, 2013

I woke up today with a different kind of happiness. Others may say, it's just another day in another year. But it IS another day, and that puts a gleam in my heart.

2013 has been a memorable year for me. It has been a mentor in insurmountable ways, the paradoxical teacher of learning the best and the worst.

Fragments of events of the year passed came through my mind while I was having my coffee this morning. 2013 has tested my discernment on situations, my physical strength, my ability to love, my capability to endure.

The first quarter of the year brought me to so much questioning in life, in love, in relationships, in my purpose. I was not living the moment as I have become anxious of the past and worrier of the future.

There were major turn of events that has happened in the past year -- failed relationship, test of friendships, loss of self-purpose. Nevertheless, I am thankful that all these brought me to the path to enlightenment and self-gratification. All these have brought me to a realization, that in spite of my heart being broken, it will never get tired of loving and bringing back the zest for life I've always had.

The last quarter of the year was by far, the most memorable. I woke up one day with a certain purpose in life. I began to realize that people will always come and go, and there are people, like true friends, who will choose to stay no matter how incorrigible your battles are. I brought back my confidence. I can stare at the mirror again, and say "I am beautiful." I am beautiful not only because I attract the good things life has continuously offering, but also because, out of billions of people in this world, there is one soul who saw what is really beautiful in me. Finally, I have realized that families will always be that pillar you'll always come back to lean on to. They make all the pain a lot bearable just by thinking they are always there. And, they make your everyday victories more rewarding and fulfilling.

2013 has brought me so much battle scars. And here I am, ever so thankful that I have endured. Whatever the year has made of me, it definitely molded me into the beautiful person that I am now. I can't wait for better things to come.

Adieu, 2013.
Hello, 2014. I am ready.

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