Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Nomad Takes on a Higher Level

I really believe that when you really love what you do, it somehow loves you back.

I have always been thankful that my career and workplace is exactly giving me a sense of fulfillment in all aspects. It never falters to bring out the best in me. I've always believed that when I put passion in anything that I do, it always turn out good.

I am not really a person who lives for climbing up a career ladder and likes to see her payslips getting higher by the day. I just want what I need. I just need enough -- enough to live by, enough to feed myself, enough to support my family, enough to invest in my personal growth, enough to invest in my future.

There is a certain charm in doing unpaid jobs and projects, whether it is art, crafts, cooking, etc. When I do what I love, and I am not being paid, my work becomes even more fulfilling.

Most of the jobs I've been to, honestly, are not based on how much I will earn, but most importantly, how much I will grow as a person. And luckily, I have found my perfect spot.

On 22 March, I hit the train station earlier than usual to get a copy of TODAY paper, Singapore's free local daily newspaper. It was scheduled that one of the interviews I've had will be published on that day. Flipping every page, my heart kept beating faster and faster. And there, on page fourty-four, titled "The Nurturing Workplace" was the full-page article I was interviewed in with quite a big photo of myself.

It's quite a funny story that while everyone in the train was reading newspaper, they kept on staring at me and back at the paper. I guessed they have recognized me. It was as if I want to sink slowly right there.

However, thinking about it now, and with friends and colleagues telling me how proud they are of me, makes me feel proud of myself too! This is such a humbling experience.

I might be doing these kinds of stuff more often now. I can't wait for more.

Read full article here.

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