Tuesday, May 15, 2007


definition: the state of living and getting a life without Karla.

One major thing maybe why i so miss china is that it comprises mostly of my Karla memories. She is my one major fan when it comes to my cooking. I always felt I'm the best cook when she's the one eating. We always have this exchange of thoughts and views about anything and everything about the world. I find it cute that a tall girl like her hides from a little girl like me when watching horror and suspense movies. You wouldn't imagine how kilig we are when we start watching our favorite koreanovelas.

The first time we saw each other, we clicked at once. Don't you find it funny, dear readers, that we have a lot of things exactly the same or exactly opposite. To name a few, here are some:

1. With just our names, only the first letter has changed.
2. We're just like Samson and Goliath.
3. We share same views on love and life.
4. While I love cooking for her, she loves eating what I cook too.
5. And while I was living 23 years of my life NBSB, she's lost count with her boys. haha!

Enough said, I might be enumerating things I shouldn't. LOL

Oh, Karla... I just so miss her.
Just getting used to be Karla-less.


(Karla eating nilagang baboy, which she said nilagang baka, at sarap na sarap :P)


  1. Kahit medyo hndi ko naintindihan ung mga cnabi mo, eh shempre may masasabi't masasabi ako. ikaw ang -PINAKA-
    sa lahat ng nakilala ko:
    PINAKA-maitim- lolz compare kay tan2
    PINAKA-makulet-compare sa akin
    PINAKA-transparent-compare sa water
    PINAKA-iyakin-compare kay juday
    PINAKA-predictable-pagdating sa emosyon (walang tinatago itong babaitang ito!)
    PINAKA-IYAKIN-lakat ng bagay iniiyakan. (pati ata pagtilaok ng manok)
    PINAKA-magaling magluto- ng sinigang na baka nam nam nam nam
    PINAKA-talented-pagdating sa pagiisip ng katarantaduhan (idea pala)
    PINAKA-pasaway- sa boss? hehehe

    dumating na kaya ang PINAKA-kabog na papa na magdudulot ng PINAKA-kabog na pag-ibig at PINAKA mabangis na bed scene na magkapagwawakas ng PINAKA-tigang at kaong na NEGNEG ahehehe.
    imiss u nalalapit na ang pagkikita ng kambal ng tadhana behehehehe.
    ingats palagi sana malapit ka ng makatikim ng heaven.

  2. haha. i didnt even gave you permission to comment on this.nevertheless... you're still oh so karla! kelangan laging may comment! ahahaha!