Friday, November 24, 2006

The Strawberry on top


While I was asking approval for my winter designs from my boss, he told me these exact words, “Ha, this is the ice cream already, but I needed the strawberry on top.” From there, I knew what he was really asking from me. So I came back with my revised designs saying to myself that I’ve added the strawberry on top already. And it was finally approved.

I rarely see an ice cream that has strawberry on top. Most often, I see cherries. Red cherries. All my life I’ve been idealistic, positive with whatever happens and comes my way. But this is one of those phases I find it dragging. And melancholic.

I always say my world is an oyster. My life is your favorite ice cream flavor. And just like any other ice cream, I needed to put the most important part of the ice cream. The strawberry on top. Or maybe cherries. Whichever comes first. And tastes better.

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