Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The secret of moving on...


Dear my ever-so-constant reader,

It has been a loong while since I last updated my blog. A lot of things has happened--good and bad--all bundled up, comin' one after the other for quite a while. I was able to withstand the storm. And here I am, seeing the way out of the dark tunnel, I still have my god with me.

I've been very patient with everything--with time and circumstances, I must say. I learned to be strong and still run so fast even if I am all wounded.

God is so good. I always tell him, "kaw talaga, lagi ka na lang nananadya.." Everything happens for a purpose. Amazing. Especially how he turns out a bad weather into a very nice day, may rainbow pa. naks.

I never thought I would be able to use this as a title in one of my blogs. One of my favorite songs say, "the secret of moving on, is travelling light..." In any perspective you may see it, my dear reader, yes, I am definitely moving on. I was able to grab a few good things in my past but still, I am moving on. I started to put my life into a better perspective.

And now, I know it was a really tough decision to make. I am leaving for China very soon. Leaving family, friends, my graduate studies, and a career here in the Philippines made me sigh. But what the heck, I'd still come back. I believe that a better opportunity waits for me there as of the moment.

Well. people do come and go. things come and go too. its a fact that we all know. it's up to us if we choose to come back or reminisce all the good things that happened to us in the past.

one good advice to live by:
the secret of moving on, is really travelling light.

...because for me a traveller with a heavy heart never reaches his destination easily.

and i am ready to move on... :)


  1. naiyak ako.. letche.. mamimiss kta..

  2. The title of your blog caught my eye. I too, am experiencing a lot of "darkness". And I could not say that I am travelling light. I have a lot of baggage with me. I know that I am not your favorite person right now. Heck, you might even hate me. But you're leaving for China, and you're moving on. And I just thought that you can't really do that without me telling you how sorry I am for what I did, and that I truly, truly regretted having done that. For all it's worth, maybe it helps to know that Im paying my dues right now-- big time.

  3. the secret of moving on easy is knowing that you have good friends at your back to support you with all your decisions in life. them telling you, it is ok to move on.

  4. thanks carms.am so happy knowing i have few but really true friends. party ulit pag uwi ko. :) miss you!